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With  Pubg Steam A4Tech x7 Bloody Sharkoon No Recoil Macro;

    • 17in1 (AKM, M416, MP5, Bizon, UMP45, Tommy, Uzi, Vector, SCAR-L, QBZ, BERYL, G36C, GROZA, AUG, DP28, M249,MG3)

    • Works with ALL Windows Versions!    

    • Undetected & Secure

    • Customizable Button Switch Weapon

    • Customizable Button Activate & Deactivate

    • Easy Installation

    • Work with any DPI 

    • Special Gun Attachments for Weapons

    • Recommended FOV 90 - 1920x1080 Full HD.

    • Work with STANDART,Red Dot,Holographic Sight and 2x,3x,4x Scorps.

    • Work with A4Tech x7 - Bloody - Sharkoon Fireglider Mouses.

    • After purchase you will get e-mail for Download

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